Australian Nature Study | Winter/Spring | Volume 3


Did you know, trees have a skeleton form just like we do? The trunk of a tree acts like our spinal column while the branches and twigs give the tree structure just as bones give our body shape. The anatomy of a tree is an extraordinary and fascinating study.  Find out how banksias were considered lollies by the children of our First Nation People and how important a role they play in the Australian Bush Food Chain. Go winter ponding while on the lookout for the platypus and find out how its electro-sensitivity mechanisms enable him to navigate the waters. Hunt orchids and learn how they trick insects into pollinating them, and then step into the world of molluscs. Explore the Powerful Owl’s amazing ability to hunt silently. Walk with me as we observe spring’s greatest show of wildflowers and listen to nature’s orchestra as nesting birds flirt, build nests and care for their families. We’ll look up at the sky during the Vernal Equinox to identify the Pleiades and search Eucalyptus trees for leaf beetles. If this sounds like fun to you, then come along and step into the great outdoors with me.

The Australian Nature Study Guide is a Charlotte Mason-based program designed to encourage nature exploration through the seasons.


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