A Handbook for Amy Mack’s A Bush Calendar: Exploring Nature with Living Books


Amy Mack is a favourite Aussie author who captured the Australian bush through the seasons. In this guide, we walk alongside Amy as she identifies wildflowers and observes nesting birds through the year. We can choose to investigate Amy’s nature finds with field guides indoors or explore a local park for wildflowers and wildlife while recording our own sightings in a year’s cycle.

Listen to bird melodies while enjoying an outdoor breakfast or take a sunset walk and collect nature treasures to journal. Learn to identify birds with song and field marks while bird stalking. Observe wildflowers bud, blossom and seed while examining  their flower and leaf arrangements.

Capture birds and wildflowers within a nature journal with sketches and paintings, or a nature scrapbook with photographs on a weekly basis. Alternatively, explore the bush once a month and create a Penology Wheel to record your sightings.

A Handbook to A Bush Calendar by Amy Mack is a year’s nature study curriculum which is flexible; explore indoors or out, weekly or monthly. The guide features poems from C.J. Dennis and optional literature from Nuri Mass and Amy Mack. Explore the outdoors with living books.

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EXCITING NEWS! A Bush Calendar by Amy Mack has been published by Living Book Press

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