Backyard Edition | Spring/Summer | Volume 8


Explore the outdoors while learning the skill of navigation. Find out how to tell the difference between true bugs and beetles. Enjoy examining spring flowers while observing wasps and Christmas beetles. Flies are interesting and necessary to the ecosystem and I’ll tell you why. Discover the reason for the zig zagged cross on the St. Andrew’s Cross spider web and find out why chickens are not simple birds. Did you know scorpions belong to the spider family and that mosquitoes are flies?

The Australian Nature Study Guide is a Charlotte Mason based program designed to encourage nature exploration through the seasons.  The guide includes poems, picture studies, activities and read aloud story suggestions.The Backyard Edition will inspire children to OBSERVE, EXPLORE, DRAW, PAINT, RESEARCH, WRITE, READ, CREATE, ADVENTURE, DISCOVER, COMPARE, DISCUSS, EXPLAIN and take NOTES.

Come along! Walk with me.


Free Lesson Nature Study Guide Backyard Series V8 Summer/Spring

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