Backyard Edition | Autumn/Winter | Volume 6


Investigate the secret habitat of leaf litter. Discover backyard visitors  like the praying-mantis and echidna. Explore rocks, soil ecosystems and the weather while observing migration and torpidity as the season changes. Prepare for a flush of spring flowers by planting autumn bulbs and enjoy autumns fruits by baking apple pies.

The Australian Nature Study Guide is a Charlotte Mason based program designed to encourage nature exploration through the seasons.  The guide includes poems, picture studies, activities and read aloud story suggestions.The Backyard Edition will inspire children to OBSERVE, EXPLORE, DRAW, PAINT, RESEARCH, WRITE, READ, CREATE, ADVENTURE, DISCOVER, COMPARE, DISCUSS, EXPLAIN and take NOTES.

Come along! Walk with me.


Free Nature Study Guide Lesson Backyard Edition Autumn Winter Volume 6

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