Australian Ocean Nature Study & Math in Nature: Measurement


Explore the ocean with the Ocean Nature Study Guide and Math in Nature: Measurement for a great combo price.

Have you wondered how the oceans were made, or how the 7 continents and 5 oceans formed? What does the seafloor look like?

Have you looked at the waves of the sea and wondered where they come from? Or watched the tides and currents and thought about what influenced their changes? Why is the ocean water salty?

Walk with me as we explore marine ecosystems and the amazing creatures who live there. We’ll comb the beach, investigate rock pools, dive into the ocean to examine coral reefs and swim with creatures of the open waters.

We’ll uncover the secret world of  kelp forests and the sea dragons who live there. Then we’ll watch shorebirds and their antics at the estuary while discovering who lives where the river meets the sea.

Who thought math could be fun? I’m convinced that the Math in Nature: Measurement guide will encourage you to look at this intimidating subject with renewed confidence.

This math guide takes a glimpse at measurement history and examines the tools used for measurement then and now with ancient and modern tool cards. Create a beautiful shell box to give away while exploring length, width and height.

Compare the length of whales, investigate distance on maps, discover the depth of the ocean, learn to read tide times, estimate the height of waves, categorise shells and make a graph to share the data. Then complete the study with a master construction piece while reflecting on the 5 principles of math.

Come along! Explore with Jo and I.

Ocean Sample Lesson

sample math guide


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