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In 2024, we will embark upon a journey of exploration to all Australian States and Territories to discover National Fauna and Flora.

The Australian Capital Territory is our first stop to encounter the vulnerable, shy, Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby in the Great Dividing Range.  We’ll investigate the habitats of the warm temperate rainforests and dry Sclerophyll forests. In the Eucalypt Woodlands near Canberra, we’ll encounter the Gang-gang Cockatoo, research Altitudinal Migration, and search for the delicate Royal Bluebells that grow wild in the sub-Alpine woodlands. We’ll study Gould’s animal and bird art, and recite poetry.

The A.C.T. borders are defined by watersheds, it is part of the Murray-Darling Basin and home to Australia’s third largest river, the Murrumbigee. Uncover the rivers of the A.C.T.

In mathematics, we’ll investigate volume as vast amounts of water pass through the A.C.T. river system. Uncover how this is calculated. The three longest Rivers in Australia pass through the A.C.T.  Let’s do some comparison math! Investigate Geometry by considering the shape of an egg. Research to learn, gather data, and present it.

Come along! Make the world your classroom. Look, discover and connect.




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